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About Us

CornerTurn is a small business whose managing partners have over 80 years of experience working on and directing numerous projects including: program director for the Navy's SURTASS and LFA surveillance sonar systems, technical director for NAVAIR's Airborne Low Frequency Sonar (ALFS) development, lead systems engineer for the both the ALFS and the HELRAS Dipping Sonars, project and technical leads for eleven Phase I and six Phase II SBIR efforts, system engineering and architecture design for the Navy's DD(X) Ship Design program, and hardware design and test engineering on the AN/SQS-53C Sonar System.

CornerTurn efforts include over 50 contracts with several different commands within US ARMY SOCOM, Dept of Homeland Security, Northrop-Grumman, General Dynamics, Lockheed-Martin, Manned Flight Simulator, NAVAIR, L-3 Communication Systems and GlobalStar.

The CornerTurn team includes expertise and experience in the general areas of Systems Engineering, Signal Processing, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Training and Support after product delivery. We perform cost effective, low quantity (i.e., quantities in the hundreds to thousands) manufacturing by developing close working relationships with small companies that specialize in manufacturing, component assembly, and circuit card fabrication and assembly.