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The MRI-3000 system provides a satellite-based path to communicate with Ethernet equipped remotely installed metering / data logging equipment (See the Figure below). The system consists of the MRI-3000 Controller Unit, an Antenna mounted with an unobstructed view of the sky, and interconnection cabling.

The MRI-3000 Controller Unit provides a single point to attach the Ethernet cable from either metering or collector equipment, as well as 110vac to power the system. Two coax cables connect the MRI-3000 Controller Unit to the Antenna.

An external End User system, such as an MV-90 server, can retrieve meter information by connecting to an IP address representing the remote metering equipment. When satellite coverage is established, a TCP/IP connection is established between the remote metering equipment and the external system as if the meter was connected directly to the external system.

MRI 3000

Data can be transferred from the remote device via "Store and Forward" or via "Direct Connect". Store and Forward operations allow a remote device, such as a smart meter, camera or data collector to quickly store files of data to the MRI-3000 which then goes about the task of establishing a satellite connection, then forwarding the stored data via email or ftp to any address on the Internet. If the transfer is interrupted or slowed in any way the MRI-3000 ensures the data is forwarded to the end user just as the remote device stored it.

Direct Connect establishes an Ethernet connection between an Internet based device and a remote device attached to the MRI-3000. Normal IP data transfers are available although data rates and connectivity times are determined by the available satellite connection.

For security purposes all connections initiated from the Internet side must be done via a virtual private network (VPN) to lock out unapproved access to remote devices. The MRI Server works with the MRI-3000 to provide VPNs, Store and Forward data assurance, and data aggregation for systems based on multiple modems.

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